13 January 2011

Part 2: The girls get ready....

I woke up on the day feeling more relaxed than I ever imagined, it felt like another day just a super exciting one....

PD had stayed with his parents that night and me and Sand (bridesmaid in pink) had spent one last night sharing a bed (something we did a lot of at Uni - in an entirely platonic way of course - despite Sand's best efforts!?). We all had hair appointments at 9am in central London so we went off on the tube to the hairdressers where they had champagne for us and got our hair done. Minutes after we got back a plethora of parents arrived swiflty followed by Ms Emma herself. And then the magic began....

Husband's Dad (also called Ray!), My Dad and Step Mum getting to know each other a little better...

I had to keep reminding my Dad that he was wearing two pairs of glasses (one of which are clearly sunglasses -  in October - apparently it's something to do with the glare...?) 

Sandy, my bridesmaid in pink, and liquid eyeliner master gets her make up on...

Checking my face matched my neck (because weird spray tan + new foundation = slightly odd colour)...

Sand doing my eye make up, whilst yelling obscenities at me and instructing me not to laugh (normal and expected behaviour from the bridesmaid in pink!)...

Failing not too laugh...

Classic Ray overly serious face...I pull this face a lot. I promise I'm not being as mean as it looks like I'm being -  I just have very little control over my facial expressions (it gets me into all sorts of trouble!)

The hair comes down...

and is pinned to the side...

and the (very last minute) flower is placed on my head. I love my head decor. It was an amalgamation of a flower from a £3 Miss Selfridge head band and a fascinator I bought for my first dress (more on that later) that didn't work with the actual dress of my dreams dress. I glue-gunned it all together the night before - ever the procrastinator.

I believe at this point Emma is very kindly reminding us that we need to leave in two minutes...

then my Dad and I piled into my father-in-law's Beetle. A car he has owned since 1973 and the car he proposed to my mother-in-law in...

and we off went to the ceremony (once the taxi for the others had finally turned up - 20 minutes late!)

tomorrow; the boys get ready...

All images by Emma Case


  1. cars should always drive around with floral bows on! especially beautiful blue beetles with a wonderful history.

    looks like a lot of fun - I too slept with one of my BM the night before.. but I had forgotten about her heavy breathing and fidgeting so didn't get the best night sleep! such fun photos and again amazing dress and enviously applied eye liner! why can't I do that!

  2. OH wow, your wedding dress is ammmmmazing!

    This is exciting! I can't wait for the next part!

  3. Ray you are so so so so beautiful in these photos. Word. Your kids are going to be like "wow momma was HOTT! (was and is...I'm in the future thinking. You get what I mean)

  4. How beautiful are these?! The dress, your hair and make up, the dress! the car and it's history, just perfect.

    The expression on Ms S&S' face makes you all look like you've been busted rifling through someone else's drawers! I do love the expressions in these photos, so well caught by Emma x

  5. Woohoo! The wedding!

    Can I just say the reason I wasn't with Ray and Sand was because I was doing the car, I wasnt just being crap! Sand is much better at make up than me.

    And yes ray you look HOT!

    Do you like my slippers?

  6. Thanks for sharing all this Ray! Have seen and admired the pics on Emma's blog but great hearing about the day from your perspective, funny fake tan moments and all!

  7. your facial expressions(all of you!) are priceless! I love, love your dresses! If I'd not had my full on meringue dress, I'd have had one like yours! Your headwear is gorgeous, and the overall effect is perfect!

    Eyeliner is hard.

  8. Wow- so so pretty- you look totally unrecognisable from the uumpa-loompa from the day before! xx

  9. I think Sand needs to come and do my eye make-up on a daily basis. Looks like such a fun morning. Looking forward to the rest of the recaps.

  10. Forget how lovely Ray looks in all this and check out Hannah's slippers! How did they not make the cut on Emma Case's website?!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous and adorable... So much love your dress!

  12. Thanks everyone - I should rent Sand's eye make up skills at an hourly rate!

  13. Wow, pink bridesmaid has some super hot eyeliner skills!! You look so gorgeous my dear... and I love that you made your headpiece the night before! (Makes me feels better that I have no idea what I'm going to plonk my head!!) Oh and the beetle... LOVE!

    also hannah's slippers! he he... all these pics so make me wish we were getting ready at home!